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Small House? Here’s 5 Ideas for Creating a Small Garden

Living in small spaces can mean making all kinds of concessions. Maybe there’s not enough conter space in the kitchen, or not enough of a backyard to play in. A garden may seem out of the question, but it can be the perfect element to tie your design together.

Living Art

You love flora, and there’s no reason why art must be relegated to paintings and photographs. Wall-mounted planters are available at gardening and home improvement stores in various sizes and materials, including fabric. Planters add versatility to match the other décor and tone of the room, whether it’s scant patio space or the cozy reading room of a tiny house. They’ll make a gorgeous accent piece that brings a vivid pop of living colors right into the home. An alternate take on this is a free-standing wall garden. Framed grids of metal mesh or fence panels can add that little extra something to tie the room together.

Spice Up the Kitchen

Great recipes are elevated by using fresh herbs but living in a small space doesn’t always make an outdoor herb garden possible. Bring the garden into your kitchen with small pots for each of your favorite herbs. There’s a wide variety of options on the market, so it’s easy to find a design that lets you take the best advantage of the space you have. For instance, some wall planters are separated from each other, allowing you to space them out or place them on different walls as needed. Look for ones that suit your tastes – mason jars, mugs, and metal cans each provide a different aesthetic. Others hang from the ceiling either singly or in a cascading cluster of planters, which can be perfect for doubling as decoration near windows.

Flower Beds that Multitask

You may have a little bit of space for a garden but think there’s not much you can do with it. The truth is that you can utilize a single flower bed for multiple plants at once. If the plants you choose won’t monopolize the water and soil, you shouldn’t be afraid to pair ornamental flowers with edible plants to make the most efficient use of that space. Similarly, you may be able to pair plants that bloom at different times of year, ensuring that your garden is a beacon of design year-round.

Let Privacy Go Green

Small homes usually mean close neighbors, especially in urban environments. Rather giving up on any hope of privacy, let your garden act as a shield. For instance, on your patio, you can use planter walls as a privacy wall. The planters are positioned close together, and with lush greens and blossoms, they’ll be difficult to see through. They’re also a great conversation piece. You can also leverage your existing privacy wall as a piece of your garden. Similarly, you can partially block out a smaller window with rows of plants, either in individual planters or box planters, so you can really put all that natural light to use. Depending on the construction of the window and how strong your curtain rod mounts are, you can pair hanging plants with gauzy curtains that diffuse light. Be sure to vary the types of plants you use to bring a vibrant and interesting space.

Hedge Your Fences and Railings

Whether it’s railings or a fence that frame your balcony, patio, or deck, that’s vertical space you could use for a garden that still preserves your entertaining space. Head to your local garden or home improvement store to find planters made for attaching to the top of fences or railings. Even chain-link fences can be elevated to garden status with planters designed to attach to the body of the fence. Just remember that many times, fences and railings are in place for a reason. If people need to hold the railing, don’t block it, and if the fence is to keep your dog in the yard, keep plants out of reach.

Owning or renting a small home doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of a garden. It just means you need to think creatively. Our tips make the perfect starting place to launch your project but be sure to make each idea your own. It will make even small spaces lively, beautiful, and uniquely your home.

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