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Pros of a Summer Listing: Why You Should Sell Your Home

Summer is not only the hottest season of the year in terms of temperature but also for the real estate market. The weather is beautiful and sunny, children are off from school, and many people take a vacation. So, is summer a good season to put your home on the market?

The answer is a resounding yes. Many buyers search during this season, especially families, for whom this is the easiest time to move. With a smaller inventory countrywide than demand, listing your home this summer could be advantageous. You’ll see increased competition in this unsparing market, as quality homes are bid on quickly.

Here are just a few of the pros of listing your home for sale during the summer:

Additional Buyers on the Market

While it’s definitely warmer outside, summer is the #1 season to move. Adults with school-age children are looking for a home to settle into before the next school year starts (late August-early September). Many families also have more free time during the summer, with summer hours available at work and holiday weekends. This gives them additional chances to look at properties.

With more buyers on the market, your home can sell more quickly than it might sell in late fall or winter when there are fewer buyers actively shopping. In some cases, enough demand for a home can lead to a bidding war, getting you money over your listing price.

More Sunlight Hours

For those who don’t have extra time enough, one of the benefits of summer in the United States is longer days. Your Realtor can schedule viewings for potential buyers into the evening, giving you a better shot at receiving offers. It’s also great weather and time for an open house, which can take place during the day and run longer than normal to facilitate more people’s schedules.

You Can Showcase the Outdoors

Whether you have a great deck, beautiful backyard, or in-ground pool, summer is a wonderful time to display these features to potential buyers. You can highlight them with inexpensive fixes, like adding pillows to patio furniture, mowing the grass, and adding some additional flowers. A well-groomed outdoor space can increase the selling price of your home—and may be a deciding factor for some buyers.

You Can Get a Better Price

Perhaps the best reason to sell during summertime is you’ll often get a better price. Your Realtor will help you decide a listing price based on comparative properties in your neighborhood, and there will be more recent sales to base that number from in the summertime. With aggressive demand for homes and more data, summer is the best time to list your home and get a great price in the process.

When you list your home is ultimately your choice, but if you’ve been waiting to make it move, now is the time to talk to a Realtor and get it on the market.

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